History, current activity and information about the Program, under which BlueVent air systems Sp. z o.o. implements the project - Tender Beef | HVES - High Voltage Electrical Stimulation

History, current activity and information about the Program, under which BlueVent air systems Sp. z o.o. implements the project

The company BlueVent air systems Sp. z o.o. (former name DLK & BlueVent) was established in 1996 as the Polish branch of the German companies DLK Ventilatoren GmbH and Pollrich GmbH and was called DLK Wentylatory Polska Sp. z o.o. Until 2006, it mainly sold the products of the above companies and they were manufactured partly in Germany and partly in Poland. Since 2006, due to the entry of new partners, the company changed its name to DLK & BlueVent Sp. z o.o. and changed its headquarters from Zabrze, ul. Mickiewicza 64 to Gdynia, ul. Płocka 25a. Currently, the company operates under the name BlueVent air systems Sp. z o.o. and deals with the improvement and sale of the device for electrostimulation of meat carcasses with direct current (High Voltage Electrical Stimulation). Electrical Stimulation is usually the last technological operation in the slaughtering cycle before splitting the carcass. The electrostimulator by generating electrical impulses with characteristics similar to nerve impulses causes muscle contraction, which significantly speeds up post-slaughter processes (e.g. conversion of glycogen to lactic acid - glycolysis), which reduces the carcass pH very quickly, which prevents the occurrence of cold shortening. The device is manufactured by the Applicant based on the patented invention developed by him.

The program in which BlueVent air systems participates is a Program for the promotion of the machine and device industry. Bluevent air systems activities will be implemented mainly on Asian markets: Iran and Turkey - prospective markets, as well as in Kazakhstan, Dubai, Russia and Germany. As part of the Bluevent air systems project, it plans to implement a number of activities aimed at increasing the level of export of the Bluevent air systems patented meat carcass electrostimulator (HVES machine).


Beef exports are growing

According to preliminary data from the Ministry of Finance, exports of unprocessed beef from Poland in the first five months of 2017 exceeded 150 thousand tons and was higher than the year before by 3.2 percent. Pork exports are also increasing.

The export commodity structure is dominated by fresh, chilled beef - 78 percent. export volume, which in the period of January-May 2017 amounted to over 118 thousand tons for 396 million euros. In the period of April 2017, Poland exported the most frozen beef to France (5.8 thousand tons), Germany (3.5 thousand tons), Hong Kong (2.5 thousand tons for 7.4 million euros), Israel ( 2.4 thousand tons) and Sweden (2.2 thousand tons). Noteworthy is the more than four-fold increase in exports of this meat to Kazakhstan (1.5 thousand tons), and a nearly three-fold increase to Hong Kong and a 35% increase to Israel. New export directions for frozen beef have also appeared. These are, among others: Saudi Arabia, Japan, Gabon and Macedonia.

Meanwhile, analysts at the Agricultural Market Agency estimate that in 2017, as a result of an increase in domestic production, exports of pork products from Poland may be by 7 percent larger than last year and will amount to approx. 740 thousand tone. Deliveries to main pork recipients from Poland, i.e. to Germany (by 28%), Great Britain (by 5%) and the United States (by 48%) increased. In January-May 2017, 306,000 tons were exported from the country of livestock, meat, processed products and pork fat, i.e. by 8% more than a year ago.

According to ARR experts, relatively high prices of pigs for fattening will remain until autumn, and pork meat will not become cheaper. Pork is still the most-bought meat by Poles. The Institute of Agricultural and Food Economics estimates that in 2016, the balance consumption of pork meat was 40.1 kg per capita and it was by 3% smaller than a year ago. According to ARR experts, in the third quarter of this year prices of live pigs will fluctuate between 5.50-5.80 PLN / kg, and at the end of the year its price may fall to 5.10-5.50 PLN / kg, however, due to high export demand, this price will be higher by 1- 9% than a year ago.

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