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WorldFood Kazakhstan Fair 2018 in Almaty, Kazakhstan

Before BlueVent air systems Sp. z o.o. very interesting trip to Kazakhstan. The company's representatives intend to go there to the fair, which will be held from October 31, 2018 to November 2, 2018.

To get to know this country better a representative of BlueVent air systems Sp. z o.o. browsed a number of websites, not only in terms of planned sales or consumption of beef in Kazakhstan, but also from cultural or tourist, e.g. the page:

The following curiosities come from this page:

„What's worth seeing?

For me, Kazakhstan is primarily a country that is worth visiting because of its landscapes. I must say that I have never seen such beautiful and varied views. In any case, Kazakh landscapes absolutely captivated and delighted me. For lovers of monuments or works of art, unfortunately, there is no harvest here, unless unless someone is interested in socialist realist architecture, maybe so. Tourist attractions are located in the south of the country, but it is also worth passing through the middle, if only to see the magnificent endless steppe. What do we recommend?

Astana – this is not a historic city, but it is certainly interesting and very original. It made a good impression on us and I think it is worth seeing.

Almaty – the largest and most European city of Kazakhstan. In itself, it is perhaps not particularly interesting, although it is definitely worth taking a walk around the pretty streets of the center, sit down in a nice cafe or go to the Kok-Tebe Mountain to admire the city panorama. It also made the starting point into the mountains.

Great Almaty Lake – the famous water reservoir a short distance from Almaty.

Bektau-Ata – a little-known attraction of Kazakhstan, and an absolute gem on our list! A great mountain, and basically a pile of rock formations in the middle of the steppe. Fancy forms and amazing views guaranteed.

Saronic Canyon – in my opinion the greatest place in Kazakhstan, views which I can not compare with anything that I have seen so far. It is possible that the Colorado Canyon is better, but for me the one in Kazakhstan was already delightful. Visiting this place is worth seeing the canyon and from above and below, march along the bed of the former river. It can be easily combined - first cross or go up the mountain to the very end, then go down the path to Eco Park, i.e. a place where you can pitch tents or stay overnight in yurts, which is also at the end of the canyon, and then go from it to the point startup. In this way you will see the whole.

Kolsay lakes – these are not unique views, but certainly very nice and quite scenic trekking. To get here, you have to come to the village of Saty, which seems to be at the very end of the world. It is worth visiting this Kazakh province.

Kajyngdy Lake – the famous lake next to the Kolsay lakes. Established as a result of landslides, flooding the surrounding forest. In this way a lake with an underwater forest was created, above the surface stumps of trees forming a quite picturesque picture. Nice place, but it's definitely more interesting to watch it from the diver's perspective.

Altyn Emel National Park – another Kazakhstan hit for us - a national park that brings together several important attractions, including: singing dunes, centuries-old trees and rainbow mountains. Due to the very large distances between these points and the need to have our own transport, we only visited the first place that absolutely impressed us.”

Another site worth attention that interested our representatives:

Maybe information from this site will be useful for our contractors?

„Kazakhstan: Practical Information (September 17, 2018, Business Trips Crews)

Kazakhstan is a paradise for travelers and explorers, it offers wonderful views, mountain trekking, wonderful rivers, the view of an endless steppe, fantastic cuisine and nice locals. After my trip in the south of Kazakhstan, I decided to share practical information on the subject - "What is it all about?"

Kazakhstan – a state in Central Asia, the ninth largest country in the world, desert steppes, crystal-clear mountain lakes, the second largest canyon in the world contrast with very modern cities such as Astana and Almaty..

This country is not a popular tourist destination for Poles. Reason? It is simply too poorly promoted, hardly anyone organizes organized holidays there, and most of us know about Kazakhstan ends - there was an alliance and Borat. And this is a mistake!

Prices in Kazakhstan

The currency used is Tenge. For simple counting, you can assume that 1000 Tenge is 10 PLN. Dollars and Euros will be exchanged without any problems in large cities, although it should be borne in mind that our banknotes are in good condition, because everyone will be viewed from all sides. If you exchange dollars, remember that they were so-called "Big heads". I would add that it is not worth exchanging money at airports and stations, but it is rather clear.

Comparing with prices in Poland, it is generally cheaper. Imported products in stores are a bit more expensive than in Poland, while local products are much cheaper. And so for a good beer in the store we will pay about 3 zlotys, bread 3 zlotys, and for local smoked cheese, very popular as a beer bite, 5 zlotys. Fuel around PLN 1.80 / liter, bus ticket around the city PLN 1.50, Taxi around the city PLN 20, route within PLN 6-10 for 100 km. Entrance to the national park PLN 7.50, shared taxi (for the whole car, the price breaks down to all travelers) depending on the place PLN 40-60 for about 50 km.

Customs in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is a dual denominational state - Orthodox and Muslim, but the approach to religion is rather loose. Short skirts and loose European dresses are not unwelcome, but we will not enter the mosque. I have not noticed that any of Europeans' everyday behavior arouses special interest.

Transport in Kazakhstan

We can move around the country by airplanes (because of the huge distances it is justified), trains, marshrutkas (probably the most popular, such a passenger bus that moves when it is full, so sometimes we wait 5 minutes in it, and sometimes 3 hours before it moves) , shared taxi (private passenger cars, in which the price breaks down on all participants of the trip), buses (around cities and sometimes night long distance buses), hitchhiking (you need to ask about the price first, some drivers want some symbolic amounts for the ride), on horseback (renting horses is cheap, around 30 PLN per day) or on foot.

The transport is not very organized and quite chaotic, so it's best to ask the locals about everything, they will always advise where the bus goes from or where we can catch a taxi. In cities, there is the equivalent of our Uber, it is also cheap and fast, you just need to install the local application on your phone.

Language in Kazakhstan

If you are a tourist who wants to pay and have a headache, you do not need to speak any language other than English. In hotels and hostels, there is no problem with communication in English, there you will also find contacts for private persons organizing trips to the most interesting tourist places, such as Canyon Sarskiński or Lake Kaindy.

And if you want to negotiate prices, arrange everything yourself and get along with locals, I recommend you learn the basics of Russian. Unfortunately, in the provinces we will not find anyone who speaks English, so Russian will make life even easier at an absolutely basic level. The Cyrillic alphabet will also be useful, because without it it is difficult to distinguish the sign of a notary public from a liquor store, and it is even more difficult to choose something from the menu in the restaurant, if it is not adorned with photos.

Food in Kazakhstan

Fantastic if... You are not vegetarian! Kazakhs eat meat almost from morning to evening. Sometimes in the morning you can meet with oatmeal with fruit, or a pancake with jam, but for lunch and dinner, it's just mutton, beef or horse meat. The meat is delicious, I suppose it is uncontaminated with chemistry and antibiotics, and processed naturally. Eating in restaurants is cheap, for a full meal outside the very center of a large city we will not pay more than PLN 15.


Free WiFi is available in every hotel, hostel or larger restaurant. For this phone sim cards are very cheap (about 25 PLN for 5GB of internet) and you do not need to register them in any way. Unfortunately, it is worse with coverage, outside of cities, the phones practically do not work, so we will have to wait until the return to the city with the news on Facebook.

Kazakhstan – useful information

  • Negotiate prices for everything. Sometimes by giving up one or two shared taxis we are able to save the price from 8000 to 4000 tenge.
  • You can camp anywhere within reason - in national parks, in forests, in the mountains or in the middle of nowhere. People, even if they stray to us, are not dangerous, but rather curious about the newcomer, they often invite for tea (czaj) breakfast (ztrag) or, if we are in the countryside, offer kurt for the road (a kind of cheese in brine, very salty but helps stop body heat in the heat).
  • Don't be afraid of people, ask, show - Kazakhs are a very positive, open and tourist-oriented nation.
  • I recommend the application - it works offline, has well-marked mountain trekking routes and does not require a strong phone to work.

I highly recommend Kazakhstan as a place for your next trip. The country has its own climate, is open to newcomers and cheap, and at the same time incredibly interesting and so different from our country.”

Bluevent air systems Sp. z o.o., in addition to the information presented above, is primarily interested in the current situation regarding beef production in Kazakhstan. The information in 2016 sounded quite optimistic.

Kazakhstan is investing millions in the reconstruction of the beef sector (publication date: 5.07.2016, update: 5.07.2016)

The Kazakh authorities will allocate $ 150 million to the beef sector reconstruction program to become the largest exporter of this meat type in the near future in the former Soviet Union.

By 2020, exports of this meat species from an Asian country are expected to increase from 14 thousand tons exported last year to ... 180 thousand tons. However, there are already delays in the implementation of the program assumptions - informs FAMMU / FAPA.

According to the guidelines, Kazakhstan should export 60,000 this year tons of beef. Meanwhile, in the first quarter sales amounted to only 2 thousand tons, while export contracts for the whole year are currently only 29 thousand tons.

During the Soviet Union, the country exported almost 330,000 annually tons of beef, but production has dropped dramatically since the early 1990s, and industry has fallen into ruin for many years.

Currently, Kazakhs produce 400,000 annually tons of beef, however, the possibilities of developing exports of this meat species are very limited due to the lack of proper veterinary control.


The current situation of BlueVent air systems Sp. z o.o. plans to verify during the upcoming fair.

The fair was held from 31.10.2018 to 02.11.2018

The goal of the fair was to find potential customers who could purchase electrostimulation machines as well as distributors.

BlueVent air systems Sp. z o.o. employees participated in the fair: Igor Gielniak and Andrzej Klimont. During the fair, the stand was visited by 24 customers as well as partly exhibitors and guests from Poland. After the fair, contacts with selected, most promising potential customers as well as with a salesman who sells machines of the Slovak company PSS Svidnik throughout Central Asia were maintained.

Participation in the WorldFoodTech fair in Kazakhstan showed a very early stage of development of these markets in the industry, out of all customers who appeared, none of them was able to purchase the device due to the insufficient capacity of the slaughterhouse, namely 5-25 pieces a day. The minimum capacity to justify the purchase of the device is 100 pcs per day.