Economic mission in Turkey - Tender Beef | HVES - High Voltage Electrical Stimulation

Economic mission in Turkey

The mission was carried out in Istanbul from 30/06/2019 to 03/07/2019

The purpose of the mission was to test the device for electrostimulation of beef carcasses (HVES) to confirm the usefulness of the device in the activities of potential Turkish partners before making their purchase.

Meetings with partners were held on 01 and 02.07.2019. at their headquarters and in business areas - device tests were carried out during the meetings. Initial presentations ended quite positively.

Representatives of the BlueVent air systems Sp. z o.o. company have learned that Turkey skillfully connects Asia with Europe, that Turkey's cultural and religious specificity is huge, that the Koran orders to respect animals and not make them evil, however, Turkish culture is stronger: it does not contain elements of respect towards animals.

Another trip is planned for the final tests, which should lead to the first transactions on the Turkish market.