GULFOOD MANUFACTURING FAIR 2018 in Dubai, ZEA - Tender Beef | HVES - High Voltage Electrical Stimulation


Soon BlueVent air systems representatives are waiting for a trip to the United Arab Emirates, to Dubai. Representatives will participate in the fair from November 6, 2018 to November 8, 2018. For BlueVent air systems Sp. z o.o. this is a completely new area, during a trade fair a representative of the company aims to obtain as much information and potential of this market as possible.

Information about the United Arab Emirates


The United Arab Emirates is a small country that with an area of 83 600 km² ranks 113th in the world in terms of area. The capital is Abu Dhabi. The UAE has 4.6 million inhabitants, of which only about 50% are Arabs. The most numerous minorities are immigrants from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh - together they constitute about 27% of the UAE's population. Islam is the dominant religion, but Hinduism is also widely represented. Oil is the main natural resource of the UAE, but other branches of the economy are also developing dynamically: banking and tourism.

Arab Emirates at a glance

Official name: The United Arab Emirates
Political system: federation of emirates
Official language: arabic
Currency: dirham (AED)
Time zones: UTC +4
Population: 4,7 mln
Surface: 83 600 km2
Important phone numbers: Polish Embassy in Aby Dhabi (00-971 2) 44 65 200, 44 65 215
Emergency calls: police – 112, 999; ambulance – 999, fire brigade – 997
Required documents: passport valid for a minimum of 6 months from the date of arrival. Visa.
Climate: warm. In January 18-25°C, in July 30-34°C. Dust and sandstorms are common.
Internet domain: .ae
Car code: UAE
Telephone area code: +971

From a series of tourist and culinary curiosities


Dubai is famous for the availability of all cuisines of the world at your fingertips. It doesn't matter if you fancy Italian pizza, French snails, Japanese sushi, Thai pad Thai or American burgers. When it comes to food, you will find everything in Dubai. However, I prefer to taste the cuisine of the country I'm going to. This time it was not easy, but it succeeded. What and where to eat in Dubai? Below you will find places that I have checked, which I will gladly return to.

Arabic cuisine in Dubai is mainly the Lebanese, which is treated here as the real and original. I love oriental flavors and I have willingly tasted those that offer Lebanese restaurants in Dubai. I most often enjoyed the following dishes which are insane and meet my tastes as much as possible. I think that if you want to try something local in the UAE, then the products on this list will be perfect:

  • Shawarma (pl. Shoarma) – a wrapped pita bread cake with beef, chicken, lamb or falafel in a vegetarian version.
  • Falafel – deep-fried chickpea chops, seasoned with garlic, coriander and cumin. Fantastically crispy and filling, they are a great substitute for meat.
  • Hummus – boiled chickpea paste with sesame and garlic.
  • Zaatar – zaatar is a thyme in Arabic. In colloquial language, the word means a spice of thyme, sesame and sumac. In the Arabic restaurants menu you will find "zaatar" which means that you will get grilled bread with cheese and zaatar spice.


After returning from the Dubai fair, BlueVent air systems, due to not very favorable experience, followed the information about this market. Shortly afterwards appeared, among others The following article, which gives hope for acquiring this market by BlueVent air systems:

„Opportunities for Polish organic products in the Middle East (publication date: November 10, 2018)

Demand for European organic products is growing in the Middle East. The organic food segment in this region is growing very rapidly, it is estimated that by 2022 the market for BIO products will be worth USD 18.42 billion.

An example of a global destination for organic products is Dubai, where over the past four years the amount of organic products on store shelves has increased by 60%.

In the Middle East there is also a trend of the rapidly growing cosmetics sector. Especially the natural and organic category, which has been estimated at USD 2.5 billion. Experts predict an increase of 12-15% over the next five years. This means that the market would double by 2022, reaching USD 5 billion at that time.

Dubai's central location on the world map makes this city the third largest re-export hub in the world, with goods worth over USD 546 billion. It is assumed that by 2020 the demand for European products will increase by USD 53.1 billion.

Middle East Organic and Natural Expo Dubai is a business event of the region - an exhibition that strongly reflects the success of the development of natural products. For 15 years, this exhibition has been supported by the International Federation of Organic Farming Organizations (IFOAM) and the patronage of the UAE Ministry of Climate and Environment. After last year's successes, it is estimated that on November 18-20, 2018, the number of visitors to the exhibition will double and reach 9,500 visitors. Traditionally, the event will be held at the Dubai World Trade Center.

According to Moneer Faour, head of the OHIM PAIH in Dubai: "Since 2005, Poland and the United Arab Emirates have dynamically developed bilateral trade relations. Trade in non-petroleum raw materials has tripled and exceeded USD 1 billion for 10 years. Food products and cosmetics are one of the main categories of products exported from Poland to the UAE. Polish producers of bio products have real potential in this niche.”

One of the visitors willingly visiting the fair is Christophe Noblet, general director of the international grocery chain 7-Eleven in the United Arab Emirates. As he says: "I certainly feel that the organic and natural industry is moving in the right direction. We are expanding in the region and people want to see healthy and organic products at the exhibition. European suppliers are looking primarily for snacks, protein bars, drinks and other".

„Middle East Organic and Natural Products Expo is one of the good opportunities to present Polish natural products in the Middle East. Crowds of visitors should not be expected, however, visitors are specialists in this growing niche of natural products. We find marked sections dedicated to organic products in local hypermarkets” – adds Faour.

We remind you that in the field of foodstuffs containing animal ingredients (poultry, mutton, beef) for mass sales in the UAE it is necessary to have a Halal certificate issued by ESMA, which can be obtained through accredited institutions specializing in this field.”



„Ministry of Agriculture: United Arab Emirates wants to buy 100 tons of meat (publication date: 31.03.2020)

The United Arab Emirates are interested in purchasing 100 tonnes of meat: beef, poultry and halal-certified mutton, the Ministry of Agriculture has announced on its website.

"The Government of the United Arab Emirates authorized local importers / distributors to make purchases as part of building a strategic food reserve. At present (31.03) it is possible to order immediately up to 100 tons of halal-certified meat (chicken, beef, mutton) with air delivery organized by the UAE side" - informed the ministry.

Polish producers can submit their interest directly to the Foreign Trade Office of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency in Dubai (

A few days ago, the Ministry of Agriculture made available on its website the "export opportunities" tab, which contains information about new export possibilities for Polish agri-food products to foreign markets. Such an initiative is to help sell Polish products during the crisis caused by the coronavirus epidemic. The Ministry emphasizes that the use of these opportunities depends on the entrepreneurs and exporters themselves.

The tab also contains two other food purchase offers. Indonesia is looking for garlic and onions, and Singapore - including fresh and frozen vegetables, dairy products and pasta.”


The fair was held from November 6, 2018 to November 8, 2018

The goal of the fair was to find potential customers who could purchase electrostimulation machines and distributors. BlueVent air systems Sp. z o.o. employees: Iwona Gielniak and Igor Gielniak participated in the fair.

During the fair, the stand was visited by 49 customers as well as partly exhibitors and guests from Poland. Unlike the clients from WorldFood Kazakhstan, the majority of clients were very promising.